Lung radiofrequency ablation
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  • LeVeen RF needle ( Boston Scientific, Nattick, MA ; chosen at least 1cm, ideally 2cm larger than the target tumor if possible. Co-Access needle is preferred to LeVeen regular needle because user friendly in the CT gantry and make possible biopsy through the guiding cannula if needed ).
  • A Veress needle ( Ethicon, Johnson & Johnson ; if a pneumothorax is required to place tumor away from pleura in case of pneumothorax ).
  • Yueh needle ( Cook, Bjaeverskov, DK + 3 way stopcock and 50cc syringe for simple aspiration ).
  • 0.035 teflon guidewire ( To insert through the Yueh needle "if drainage needed" ).
  • 7 and 9 French short dilators ( )
  • 7 to 9F French multiple side holes drainage tube ( For pneumothorax + Pleur-Evac (dry suction control) (Genzyme, Neu Ienburg,G) ).
  • 21 to 26 French multiple side holes drainage tube ( For hemothorax ).


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