Pre-operative right portal vein embolization
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How to perform a portal vein embolization with Cyanoacrylate and Lipiodol under ultrasound guided puncture and 3D CBCT guided vascular navigation


  • Temno ( 18G X 15 CM chiba needle (CHI1815) )
  • Cook ( Transhepatic cholangiography catheter needle (DPLTH-5.0-27-ST) )
  • Terumo ( 0.035 guidewire )
  • Terumo ( 0.038 guidewire )
  • BBraun ( Histoacryl blue )
  • Guerbet ( Lipiodol ultra fluide )


Contrast medias:

  • Lipiodol ( )



  • Augmentin ( 3g/day during 2 days )

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